Norton Life Lock Scam

Scam Number: 231-821-5144/844-285-6836


844-285-6836 David Tuesday 11-21-23 11:19AM EST


231 Level 3, instant hang.

844 Vonage

435-201-6910 Onvoy

678-861-0853 Onvoy

“Thanks for calling Suppoat, this is Mark. How can I help you?”

In order to “cancel,” you must turn on your computer and “open up the Google” and go to, then AnyDesk.

IP - :bulgaria:

Also hosts:


Both of these are “not in service”.


I just called the 844 10 minutes ago using a 630 area code and it connected. The first never rang through and I posted them when I received on my phone. It makes you wonder what type of a clown runs their call center

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I wasn’t denigrating Cat, just that they took the #'s down. Some of these F’ers hit 'n run and are gone within 5 min, especially if we’re lighting them up. :rofl:

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I was not accusing, sorry for the short reply. I just wanted you to know the area code they were coming in to if it mattered.

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