Norton 360 Scam

Scam Number: +1 – ( 801)-872–9536
Scammer’s Website or Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Additional information about this scam:

From: Ugne Thomas [email protected]
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2022 14:56:18 +0100
Message-ID: [email protected]om
Subject: BILL No. SZK1663077316X
To: [email protected]
Bcc: < my email address >

Thank you for your order, Here is your details

INVOICE ID Product Details

Order Summary

INVOICE ID: SZK1663077316X
Start Date: 2022-09-13
Finish Date: One year from Issue Date
Payment Mode: Auto debit from account
Status: Completed
Item Name Quantity Amount Total
NORTON 360 PROTECTION (SZK1663077316X) 1 $427.00 USD
Subtotal $427.00 USD
Discount 00.00
Total $427.00 USD

If you wish to not to continue and ask for a REFUND then please feel free to contact our Billing Department as soon as possible.

You can Reach us on : +1 – ( 801 ) – ( 872 ) – 9536

Best Regards,

Billing Department


they are so triggered lol they want you to download teamviewer

(801) 872-9536 Guy answered, didn’t get his name. Tuesday 9-13-22 11:31AM EST

Active 11:30 AM 9/13/2022

Same scumbags from yesterday. Today they’re using a link shortener to force an AweSun remote software download.

URL reported to