Northwatch Update

Wow. Anyone got the back story?

just a guess but i’m guessing lack of funding


from what I've been told, he's "moved on to other things"

I am late to the party, I figured out what it was from a video but not sure who owned it.

Some scambaiters are all about the income, they are worse that watching US TV, If a video previews what is coming it is a spoiler so I do not usually bother. Much prefer a lessons learned at the end.

It seems to me that it would be better if there was more collaboration, some fund raising (aiming at companies like Microsoft, Amazon and others), then development of some shared facilities.

I found the source code of banking SW so I will look at that and see if I can create a few banking sites.

I am used to running a business on thin air so looking at what tools I can use that are free.

I have some other ideas of how to do my part but can’t seem to access a lot of this forum.