NorthWatch - Fake Bank for Scambaiting

NorthWatch is a fake bank for scambaiting. It is hosted for you so you don’t need to download anything, and there are a bunch of domains and themes to make it difficult for scammers to detect.

You can sign up for free at

If you have any questions, feature suggestions, or need help, feel free to reply below or use our support forums!


@NorthWatch#177466 Thank you!

yes ty very much !! :slight_smile:

Recently made an update that adds a new email-based login system, more coming soon!

this is so amazing thank you so much

I was looking for a fake bank and found northwatch outside of this forum. I literally saw this 5 minutes after signing up. Hmph -_-

@NorthWatch#178299 when do you unlock the registrations? i need an account :smiley: