NOOB scanbaiter here :)

Hi fellow Scam Baiters,

Was not sure which category to post this in, but here it goes.

After years of watching YouTube and months of research for setting up my own scambaiting hub, I have finally started my own YouTube channel, I only have a couple of videos and a handful of subs but I understand that I am on the first step of the ladder, and I know that I am still a complete NOOB, I am also NOT doing this for subs and likes, I have had some close people who were scammed, so it’s payback time.

I would also like to add, I am honoured to be part of this scambaiting community, or would “Scambaiting Army” be more appropriate???

I am 100% Irish (will be moving State side sometime this year) not saying how old I am but I am not young, semi-retired due to medical issues, I was/am an actor who has worked on some big shows (GoT & Vikings are two of them) so since I am at home a lot, scambaiting fills in the time :wink:

As well as trolling the scammers targeting the US, I am also watching out for scammers hitting Ireland.

Anywhos, still working on getting my fake bank set up and working on a few other ideas that I would love to share, BUT………

How do we know that there are no SCAMMERS here, in sheep’s clothing, hiding around in the background, watching, listening and reading everything that is going on?

I am not one of them, and I would be happy to prove it, maybe some trusted admins (who would care about members private information) would verify members who wanted be part of a “trusted” group, to share and collaborate ideas, info, etc.

Forgive me if this is already the case (I looked) or if this topic was already discussed, at lease I got to say hello and introduce myself a little bit.

Regards The Irish ScamBaiter XOXO

Thanks @PBD for letting me link my YouTube


Welcome to the community, I’ve added the promotion tag to your post so feel free to link your YouTube and other social media on here🙂

We do have channels for trusted members and we do lock important posts to ensure it’s kept safe.


Welcome. Glad to see u don’t do this for subs and likes, I’m the same way with my own YouTube channel. Just posting to spread uncut footage and awareness to people to learn from. As far as for the scammer’s point of view: They don’t care much. I leaked out a bunch of personal stuff for revenge against them which never got a single complaint towards me. Just start baiting them and sharing the results to make other people learn what to do and what not to do! :wink: Good luck and happy baiting.


Thanks @Rev I appreciate the feedback, let me know your YouTube channel so I can support :green_heart:

Regards The Irish ScamBaiter XOXO

Thanks @PBD It’s a pleasure to be welcomed here.

I would be interested in joining the channel for trusted members, how can I validate my trust? Skype, Facetime, E-mail?

Regards The Irish ScamBaiter XOXO

Hi, gaining trust here is a time based process, if your shown to be active and engage in discussions you will slowly unlock features and level up🙂

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