Nikkeuser, a TikToker who successfully scammed MoistCr1tikal w/ fake Steam game

During a recent bad games night a couple days ago, Charlie paid $9.99 on Greed of Man, a game developed by Nikkeuser. But instead of purchasing the “next Grand Theft Auto 6,” Charlie wound up potentially getting his Steam account or personal information compromised through an unplayable game solely developed with copied assets Nik purchased on the Unreal Marketplace.

This asset flip started being promoted on TikTok under the working title of Tomorrow’s Past before it was discontinued in favor of World of Fate, a strategy asset flip being sold as an “early release” title for $2.99 on Steam that was swiftly abandoned so the 17-year-old can redevelop Tomorrow’s Past into Greed of Man. Nik currently earns $2,566/month from 368 Patreon supporters in addition to the revenue he makes off of his asset flips.

Associated Discord Account - nikkeuser (UID: 885140584954736660)

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Associated Instagram Account - NikKeuser - Twitch

Associated Steam Account - Steam Community :: nikkeuser

Associated TikTok Account - 𝗡𝗜𝗞 (@nikkeuser) | TikTok

Associated Twitch Account - NikKeuser - Twitch

Associated Twitter Account - Nik (@nikkeuser) / Twitter

Associated YouTube Channel - NIK - YouTube

Associated Email Address - [email protected]



  • Nik’s Patreon revenue has dropped to $1,292/month from 162 members.
  • Greed Of Man is now free-to-play on Steam.
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