Nigerian Scammer

[email protected] Been messing with Mr “Andrew Turner” (Who he is trying to act like turns out to be a British Politician which makes sense from his emails lol) Just act like you agree to what hes saying and for the first email just write some like like "Can you repeat the last email as i deleted it. It took about a week for him to reply so be patient ?

Here’s his details and stuff: Screenshot by Lightshot

Screenshot by Lightshot

He is in Lagos, Nigeria. At least thats what his IP says (On the far left row of the first image if you didn’t know ? )

His phone number is - 07537121855 Unfortunately a UK mobile number so would be hard to call from a someone outside of the US using hangouts, FireRTC or Skype. Myself being from the UK i turned off caller ID and gave him a rang pretending i accidentally called him and he does have a deep Nigerian accent.

I think he blocked my number after I called him :frowning:

It would be a shame if his details were reported to the police *wink wink*

I signed his email up to a load of adult websites ?

@Flinty94#4010 Haha, thats brilliant. Unfortunately i called him and told him that i knew what was going on and i knew his IP, location, browser etc… and he blocked my number and won’t reply to my emails, but what he doesn’t know is that for some reason whenever one of us (Me or the scammer) logs onto the emails it comes up on grabify that one of us has logged in (Not that he can see that i’ve logged in though). I thought i had messed with him enough and sent his details off to the Nigerian Police Force.

  • Screenshot by Lightshot

    That’s what i sent to the police.

    I also see you’ve signed him up with PornHub lol, no worries, ill use his other email.

    Okay I’ve signed him up with PornHub, YouPorn, a lot of gay sites (Never want to visit them again), omegle girls, and some others lol all with the user name xxXGayLover69xxX

@FOXYCallum1#4011 You legend :stuck_out_tongue: How did you get the password?

@Flinty94#4018 Password to what?

@FOXYCallum1#4021 His email ?

@Flinty94#4022 I haven’t? Where did you see that?

Hey fox

Is he stuck in space as well since the last 5 years? Because I received an email to help him out getting back on earth ! All I have to do is send him 355 euros and once he is back I’ll get 1M euros ! I’m so lucky ? Didn’t knew Nigeria had a such advanced space program though ! ?