Nigerian prince scammer

Oldest trick in the book

“Nigerian prince wants to give me 5.6million pounds if I give him my bank account number”

My thoughts "…hmmmmm… looks legit let’s do it " jk lets troll the everliving sh*t out of him and waste his time he asked for: drivers license picture. Email. Bank account. Name. Address and all personal details so fake all that stuff and waste his time

Scammer email = [email protected]

Enjoy ?

YES! I have been looking for one of these emails for ages. I never get spam email like this, the only ones i get are like “Exotic Russian Women In Your Area!” Or “MY HUSBANDS NOW 10x BIGGER THAN BEFORE WITH THIS MAGICAL PILL!”

Thanks for sharing this, just emailed him ?

Edit: I just got a reply within about 2 mins lol, that was quick.

Pictures i have took so far of the chat.

Screenshot by Lightshot

Screenshot by Lightshot

Screenshot by Lightshot

Screenshot by Lightshot

I am very proud of the passport.

Wow didn’t actually think anyone would see my post thx?

Lol you’re such a low life me I got the Nigerian astronaut contacting me :stuck_out_tongue: All I have to do is send him 355 yeuros and I’ll get 1M (whatever it means lol)