@FOXYCallum1#3989 The only information available from a IP is a very vague location, ISP (sometimes not accurate) and the cluster the IP belongs to. ISP’s purchase millions of IP addresses at a time and set a general location for all of the IP’s in the cluster, thus all the IP’s in that cluster would return the same location (usually a server farm), in most cases these days all it takes to change your IP is to restart your router, and most change on their own either daily, or weekly. Scammers may attempt to DoS you if they’re able to grab your IP, but I haven’t seen this happen first hand, and have only had 1 of hundreds, if not thousands, of scammers try to get my IP. Anyone can access your IP, it isn’t some secretive piece of information that needs to be protected.

@Afootpluto#4003 I use deep freeze licensed in case the VM failed. Also i have folder redirection. Only my desktop, dockuments, and download are preserved. I might use a real computer with deep freeze to scambait. Just don’t leave any personal infomation. All i do is install Outdated turbotax and replace system files.

@R34P3R#4004 My RAT run itself and is untraceable because it is a bat script that start itself on the startup folder making reboots on the computer. Just simple.

@Jnteamed#4068 Untraceable is a subjective term, everything is traceable, it’s just a varying degree of anonymity.

First, The scammers can connect to the Vm, right? Then they open the bat file on their computer, Then the bat file restarts the computer each time the computer is started up, over and over. So I trace them, while they have to deal with removing the .bat file, after all that time, my ip would have already changed. (And if they do, Router will be rebooted every week)

Future plans they can trace the IP up to the sea and can’t do anything about it.