New YouTube Comment Bots - Dr. Dray & Dr. Oyagu

Associated Telegram Account - Telegram: Contact @Drdray01

Scammer is impersonating Dr. Andrea Suarez, a certified dermatologist and skin care expert, claiming that their victims were randomly selected to win a giveaway as long as they contact the scammer via Telegram.

They will ask for a screenshot proving you were selected as a “winner,” so I saw this as an opportunity to send them a Grabify link to As this was not accepted, I sent a fake screenshot.

The scammer will claim they won a “box of skin care” and must pay $100 to cover shipping from France.

Dr. Suarez also warned of another scammer by the name of Dr. Oyagu, who uses comment bots to promote their “cure” for herpes.

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Associated Phone Number (NIGERIA) +234 0810 175 5322


Associated Email Address - [email protected]