New virus popup generator (could be good for scambaiting)

Hello, users. Inspired by Enderman’s Malware Generator, I created my own virus popup generator site. It’s a meme site with JS code injected to display virus ads. I haven’t gotten any tech support popups from it yet, however there’s a good chance you might find some. Use at your own risk! You should use a virtual machine for this popup finder site! Doesn’t work on VPNs as far as I can tell.

Here’s an example of one popup I found from my ad-infested HTML page:

NOTE: I make no money off of this site. I use the ad network for the purpose of displaying bad ads on this site.


Am I missing the link?

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Site URL:


Popups not your cup of tea? Maybe you prefer banner ads. Access our virus banner ad and redirect generator here at today. Use at your own risk! Site should be accessed on an isolated Windows VM!

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