New Type of Scam


I do not condone using Skype resolvers, use Wireshark :wink:

**How I Know it is a Scam:**
It said my IP was and I tested it on other people's Skype and it came up with IPs with ISPs such as Internet Explorer United, Orange, Green, Yellow, AT&T Bank, e.g.)

**How I Found It:**
I was looking at random Skype Resolvers to see if my IP was in any databases. I ran across this site and my IP was completely faked.

**This may not be a scam most people are interested but this is new and I've never heard of a scam like this.**

SSL is broken, replace https with http.

But yeah, seems like it's to scare people into buying a blacklist. I'd say it's definetly inaccurate. I got an ip that hasn't even been allocated by IANA yet. and the next time. I decided to look at other features and the netflix is survey locked.

IMHO It's sketchy but it doesn't "force" the user to pay for a blacklist. It mainly has skids pointing their stressers in the wrong direction.

I’ll edit the URL, thanks for the catch.