New tech support scam

These people are very stupid

Number: 18777731804

Popup link: hxxp://

Their ip: (They use go to assist but he was stupid enough to open up a ip grabbing link on his pc)

My support key for gotoassist: 424-623-272

Tie up their lines and shut em down!


will do

Numbers down on FireRTC

They tried to sell me Norton for $500 hahahaa

thanks for putting this up, I am an it technician and I just had a client say they have a virus and took a screen shot, I looked then searched error 3658dfda3f2a21d and I found this page. much useful, thanks

This number works well on Skype - when I called them.

They originally tried to charge me $150 for Network protection and other services.

They they the Netstat Command alongside Msconfig and Tree Command.

The name of the company is iSupportExperts and their website is: