New site for sharing short clips

I’ve set up a site to upload & share short clips, let me know what you think.

You’re able to upload videos which will then be converted to MP4 using FFMPEG, similar to YouTube.

Users are also able to earn points by using site features (liking/disliking, commenting, viewing videos). These points are currency on the site which you can use to purchase videos from other users. Or you can just use PayPal to buy points.

I would appreciate it if you’d check this site out, make an account, and test the features out, thanks!


Love it!


Woah, looks awesome!

I’ve enabled the payment system, and now users can subscribe to the “pro” feature on
Free users can earn up to 10 points a day (£0.10) while pro users can earn up to 15 points a day. (Let me know your thoughts on this).

All users are able to use these points to create their own site advertisements.

The points can also be used to purchase videos from other users.
You can also use the points to pay for another month of Pro after you get enough.


I’m having an issue creating an account, the register button, it just gets stuck on this.
image redacted due to exposed email address

Update: cloudflare error

Another glitch: when it timed out while I was creating an account, trying to re-register, it says my email was already used, but I also can’t sign in with the email/password combo I used.

That was a mail server issue. I’ve fixed it.

thanks! Site looks great!

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Like NFTs?

Well… I will just screenshot/download videos b))

What software are you using for the site? Did you code it?

your website is not secure

wow thank you for your brilliant comment, I got so much info from it!


what’s wrong with linking clips/vids from external sites?

I don’t know, you tell me?

oh ok cool

i compiled all the reactions i got and considering how much time that took, i don’t feel like going through the trouble of recording reactions again.

Thanks for info!