New scammer number


passive guys who can get very agressive

ask for jason

edit: i called so many times, that if u ask for jason now they will just hang up or put u on hold.


This YouTube channel advertises all kinds of scam tech support, they have many more than just this one number…

- YouTube

Works nicely (though I got the response “why are you calling again and again” on the first attempt, would love to know who they are.

probably because i call them all the time xD

The number is dead. Got a nice, tasty message that said the number isn’t set to receive calls.

I filled a report for them.

Proof: Report 1 - Album on Imgur

@iChutya#804 I also can’t reach them anymore…

I have added 2 more websites from them.


Not dead, called them just now and it worked

“We do not scam”

some guy answers and whispers “Hello, Hello” Creeps