New scammer number! (WORKING)


it only works with skype

i cant provide a link but they dont care if u say “i closed the page” or something

they are really stupid and easy to rat XD


@Frxzy#7589 I called, Fire-RTC, it worked. Support scammer.

@Frxzy#7589 Yeah it does work with Fire RTC. I got some crazy results from this one! The scammers on this number don’t take their job seriously at all. Some sing and others flirt. This number entertained me for awhile.

@Frxzy#7589 Works with google hangouts too

@Frxzy#7589 Have you successfully ratted a scammer before? I want to do it but have no idea where to start

EDIT: Number does work on FireRTC.

Popup link: hxxp://