New Scambaiter

I’m a new scambaiter. i want to get far enough and let them connect to my computer, but i dont have windows i have a mac. is it ok to just make another desktop account on the mac and let them connect to that, or do i absolutely need a virtual machine?

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I strongly encourage you to get a VPN and a virtual machine. Also I suggest that you do not call from a real phone number of yours. You can download TextNow or Text Me for free for making calls and texting. If you have a Google Voice home VOIP phone number, it is possible to login to your account and switch it to show Unknown Number rather than your phone number, but some scammers won’t answer the calls or can block the calls since they see the “Unknown Number” and are suspicious.

There are others in this forum though who know WAY MORE about using VPN/Virtual Machine or MAYBE only using Virtual Machine. From what I have heard and read, it is better to use VPN/Virtual Machine than use just a Virtual Machine.

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for safety , create a Windows or Mac VM (or both)

is there a way to do that on a mac computer?

Yes “Fusion” from VMWARE

thank you so much!

you can also use skype to make calls but you need skype credit if you want to make calls to non toll free numbers but since skype doesn’t have caller id scammers will be likely to not answer and since its a unknown number scammers can not block the number

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yes of course you need a virtual machine so you dont expose your personal info to the scammer
here is some guides

1-virtual machine you can use Vmware or Virtual Box Famous scambaiters like jim uses vmware
2- how do you protect your self from scammers dont share any of your personal info even your name
3-what vpn is good? windscribe or protonvpn are the best free vpn
4-how can i call scammer? Use or never use your real number
What is scambaiting? A: Scambaiting is simply talking to scammers as if you were a victim, but instead of being victimised, you waste their time. Why is this helpful? For every minute that they spend talking to a scambaiter, they are not spending it scamming an actual victim. Every call a scambaiter makes, they are technically saving people from being scammed.


Or you can go ole school😆and just use phone and use textnow or 2nd line to call
Them … that’s how I do it … Works for me…
and sound buttons YT for sounds or hoard or troll or spam call … I. can shut them down just with phones … I use 2 phones to do all my calling

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lol ahahahahah

I honestly wouldn’t let them connect to your real machine even on another user account but you could always download Virtual Box and create a Windows 10 virtual machine so if they do any damage it can be deleted and recreated at ease.

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