New Scambaiter. Need your suggestions

Hey there great scambaiters, I am AdVitiya (Not real name btw). I am new to scambaiting though I have already watched a whole lot of scambaiting videos and tutorials and now I am willing to annoy these stupid scammers. I need help of community to get some numbers as I don’t know much about where to find them etc. If anyone can help me that would be a great help. By the way I am using firertc to spoof numbers.

Use bobrtc it’s better than firertc

Welcome in :smiley:… use all fake info use textnow and 2nd line phone apps … This forum has plenty of numbers … Also their is a recipe for getting numbers too … There is BOBRTC u can get on … and nomororobo website to scope numbers … have fun scam baiting! … :smiley::grin:… We need all the help we can get!!

This is a post that was posted in 2019, not sure why he replied

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Oooh. … Oh well he got welcomed in anyway :sweat_smile:

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