New Scam Site

It is a “Microsoft teck support, virus” site

Link :

Number: +61 1-800-953-468

Nice find, they have updated their link:

[dead link, scroll down for current link]

do you get these popups from that’s where I got this one from

Never use torrents from Pirate Bay. Also the links are almost identical.

@FuelDaFlame#6488 I agree, their torrents are as dodgy as their popups (but it’s a great site for getting scammers phone numbers:). They will change their popup link about every day. But they will keep the same number for a few weeks or even months.

Never is it for a few months. @AussieScamBuster#6489

this number has been around for a few weeks replace/d/1309-fake-tech-support-with-australian-freecall-number

about time we stop them?

You guys take a break. I will call them.

They have to be scared of me

Everybody is scared of JNTeamed.

Not everybody, the scammers are. My mistake. And for good purposes i do alot of live streams.

You livestream? @Jnteamed#6564

Updated link:[Dead link]

Still the same phone number

You should put that link in the initial post for convenience. @AussieScamBuster#6723

Please open this png file and take a look on what i see.

Send Anywhere

No bucket exist?

FuelDaFlame and Jnteamed, that link is no longer valid. They change the link about once a day. I can’t find an updated link right now, but the phone number still works if you display a number when calling, but they are blocking silent numbers right now.

1800 953 468

I have forced them to stop taking private number calls as they have been hit with over 28,000 calls from an annoying chimp sounding recording and four phones with auto recall apps set to recall every second after the call is hung up, each phone is is hitting them with over 1,400 calls per day.

You completely copied AussieScamBuster’s name @AussieScamDialer#6869. These links don’t normally last long @AussieScamBuster#6866

@FuelDaFlame#6488 You need to download torrent from trusted users

Really? Your username?

Welcome back ParodyGordon

@FuelDaFlame#7470 I’ve banned him.

Keep an eye on the new users list to see if he comes back.