New one needs help

Hi there,

i would love to get into scambaiting like all of you.
i managed to st up a vm (my computer skills are really just basic)
but i need something to call. i used bobrtc but the downside is that i cannot provide a cb number.
can you recommend a software to call with and maybe bulk buy some numbers?


You could use the TextNow app on your phone as it is safer than other apps ( I think)

I like to use Bobrtc as a main and Textnow, Freetone, etc for callbacks. You can get Bluestacks or Nox player and run a lot of the phone call apps however TextNow recently started blocking android emulators. There are still apps that work on emulation like Freetone and Text Free. An android emulator is better than a device because you have more storage and you can get better recordings of the calls using OBS plus you can use a voice changer or soundboards for the calls if you are into those.

@Stonewulf#125633 You don’t need to use an Android emulator to use TextNow on PC. Simply to go and login there and you can use TextNow from any web interface :slight_smile:

@NeeP#125635 If your from UK it"s only available on Android unsure about I phone but windows version is not available in UK .Shame really lol…

@MaxGame#125655 textnow can work in browser in Windows if u follow those instructions

@AussieScamBuster#125656 thanks for the heads up …will take a look .

thanks for the infos so far. i am not familiar with textnow. or any of the other things you mentioned so i have to look thata. up.

i would like to use the bria5 sip phone only. for outgoing and inbound calls. do you guys see a way to make this happen?

@kalledeutschland#125621 To use textnow. Do you have a VPN? Connect to America or England and boom. Account created. That’s how I did it

@kalledeutschland#125670 Lewis tech used to use Bria that’s how he got a scammer to call him during him calling a scammer prob is though you cant change your number though asterisk anymore