new numbers?

anyone got any new American numbers to call . xD


@codyindianscam12#5512 There have been several posts on how to find new numbers. Start by misspelling well known sites (,,

American tech support scammers are far and few between. I’ve had a few call me but that was a while ago. Another idea is to go to Google, type “free tech support” click tools and show results from the last 24 hours. You’ll find some sketchy numbers to try. They’re likely Indian scammers but that shouldn’t matter, as long as you’re wasting their time to save a potential victim.

@sbirdsill#5523 I’m assuming they meant numbers that target victims in the US. If not then you are correct in that there are very few Americans actively engaged in the ‘support’ aspect of the scam.

maybe try mickrosoft like how R34P3R said

@codyindianscam12#5512 the advance fee business loans, vacation scammers, and lead generators are American. They can be crafty.