New Nigerian scheme based on Love scam

I was approached by stupid Nigerian Scammer,

he was so stupid and so impatient, that the biggest fool will see the scam and laugh at the Nigerian scammer. that his scheme was Nigerian scams, pretend to be love scam, i received a scam, pretending to be a Korean girl, that was desperate to find a real love. In the initial stage, you can setup lot of tripwires to alert you, and scammers will fall for it, this is your confirmation. From that point you just waste their time. At first they want to defeat your reason by dragging you into an emotional drama, and once they believe they did so, they will try to offer something insane like my credit card was cancel, can i send it to you to keep it on safe storage until i reactivate it, and the blame you for fraudulent charges you never made. if you refuse, they will ask you the same amount of money to give them the money, so they can send the card at their home, with fake promise to refund you.

While they try to hook you, you can place trip wires, the way they trip on your trip wires is entertaining and the stupid stories they come up with can make you laugh for hours. Randomly selected pictures, lame photoshopped pictures…

just promise me one thing, if you receive unknown contacts starting with +234, make sure you fry their Nigerian asses into oblivion until they forget to even attempt to scam. Show them no mercy!