New Microsoft office scam going around

Scam Number:
Scammer’s Website or Email: Office Setup
Additional information about this scam: It’s crucial to remain vigilant against the increasing number of deceptive schemes like the Microsoft Office scam. Recently, scammers have been utilizing Google ads as a platform to mislead individuals by posing as Microsoft representatives. These fraudsters claim that the victim’s Microsoft key code, allegedly purchased online or in-store, has been compromised and urgently requires payment for fixing the supposed security breach on their computer. This approach preys on people’s fear about their digital security, aiming to convince them to provide funds under false pretenses. By understanding these tactics, individuals can better safeguard themselves against falling victim to such elaborate scams.

Fake error page: Office-Error

Web chat: Loading...

Jason from Microsoft called me from 888-234-0027. He wouldn’t tell me his favorite color, saying “I’m I’m I’m in the Support Team, not the Technician Team.”

The number is listed on this fine website: Diginote - Digital Marketing Solutions