New IRS scammer number

New IRS scammer call. Bombard them with calls as they rejected my call after I called “agent” Murphy out the number is (240)284-9199

I got ‘Call Rejected’ as well :frowning:

My IRS Agent

Amanda Parker
Badge ID: AL556982
Case #: IR7436
Amount due: $5,276

There were "wots of miscalcoolations"
They believe I am "attempting to defrood the government"
I shall be " awwested in and sent to pwison"
I will have to get a "personal attearny to represent me in the IRS coat" pretty sure that means court.

I told her she caught me and asked her to meet me personally at Pappadeux, where I could buy her some good Steaks and we could "discuss this further"

She was about to say yes and a guy interrupted and hung up... Playa hata

@cm16#18468 Yeah same i cant seem to get them to answer the phone using firertc it just says busy