New IRS Scam number

I received a call from “the IRS” saying that I would have 4 warrants for my arrest if I didn’t call back within 24 business hours. I am a Police Officer in Jacksonville, Florida so of course I tried to follow-up. After about a dozen calls to the number, I spoke to a male who barely spoke English and you could hear many people in the back ground, consistent with a large call center type of operation. The number is (607) 595-3964. I back traced the phone number and the area code is in the Binghamton, New York, area. I spoke to the Binghamton, NY, police who said they get 2-3 complaints a week. The number is being “spoofed” as to appear to originate from their area. Haven’t been able to get anyone to give me any useful information but I will keep trying.

@Rich196838#28499 This would be more helpful posted in Scams, IRS Scams, Phone Number. This will help scambaiters who specilaize in trying to take these guys down. They are all out of India and this scam has been ongoing for as long as 2009. I started getting them at that time. So many I had to put a fax machine on my landline just to stop the phone from ringing. They use fake numbers all over the US and they also spoof real people’s numbers who then get callbacks with people yelling at them when they don’t even know what is happening. It is a horrible scam which preys mostly on the elderly but also on people who know nothing of the tax code or how it works. They send these people out to get Itunes, Steem or Google play cards and tell them that they are Federal Payment Vouchers. Once they get the card numbers they disappear.They sell the card numbers online all over the world for a reduced rate. It is a multi million dollar operation. Some have been caught by our Feds working with the Indian government but new ones just pop up in their place. It is very sad. There are people here, like myself, who spend hours just calling them to waste their time because if they are on the phone with me they are not stealing from someone else. I am surprised that the Department you talked to only gets 2 or 3 complaints a week. Unfortunatley the only thing we can do is what we do and also report them to the FCC, FTC or FBI. Please go to my profile and read some of the scambaiting I have done with this trash. Thank you for your service. I used to be a Sergeant with a small department in Massachusetts until I became disabled so I know how hard a job it is.

@Rich196838#28499 I tried calling them back from both my burner numbers but they would just answer and hang up. I could hear the call center in the background. I also tried from Firertc and the same thing happened. They are still active but for some reason not answering all calls.

@SeventhCube2832#28519 Maybe they are down but hey, they will just pop up again like a weed.


@SeventhCube2832#28551 HAHA! i told one guy that Mushrooms looked down on him and that was pretty bad since they are fungi so that means he was dumber than fungi. You can imagine the response.