New Info on how scammers work

I called a scammer and recorded it.

Scammer : Americans are fools, they pay us.

Me : Nope, you guys are, you are ruining the image of your country…

Scammer : Did you know that with every call you give us, we are getting money?

Me : Still, you are a filthy scammer, it doesn’t matter how much money you have…

Scammer : You Americans are very stupid, your mom is a fool, your dad is a fool, your sister, your brother, you are basically wasting your time, you are stupid you are an 8 year old (I said i was)

Me : Im wasting your time actually…

Scammer : Nope, we get money for each call, even pranks.

Can someone confirm that this is true?
I would release the audio but im very young and squeaky xD

He also had such a bad accent that i accidentaly said yes when he said suck my dick.

Number : 8006771839

Call Centers pay around 700 Rupees per call. ($11)

There are Indians who generate calls by using fake popups, spam, etc… They will sell the calls to scammers.

@AnonyMouse#8428 They usually get paid by the hour with a bonus for each scam they do, so they’re actually losing out on money by taking prank calls.

So they fake the calls to earn money?

I believe it is true. Not sure if all operators get paid for keeping people on the line. But there are some, usually after a few calls, or transfers, who are actually paid to keep scambaiters busy. I also believe there is some way they generate money with the phone calls or some sort of long term scam. The calls don’t stop no matter, if you waste their time, tell them to f— off, or just hang up. Once they know that there is an active number with a real person on the other end, the calls never stop. Why is this? What is the purpose of one ring calls?

@AnonyMouse#8431 There are guys who create the popups and then they sell the calls to scammers for money. The scammers are losing money to the call sellers.

Everyone call to the number and ask them for curry.

@AnonyMouse#8438 Someone should just flood their lines. They will “sure” make a lot of money.

1-800-677-1839/800-701-2953 one company working with the name of multiple companies… The world greatest scammers live in the company…

How they scam?

This company takes the inbound calls. first inbound sale team crack sale on them. then the number has been handovers to the outbound team. and then they say to customers you are hacked by scammers … they scared the cx and took away their money. they don’t left the customers even at this stage if customer is rich and has huge balance in his account …then they transfer the number to scam specialist. (This company has specialist scammers team. that loot $1 million every month for this company) They loot the people …they make customers begger…This company name is PC Expert 247/Premium Live support/pc live support/Dayin Dayout in USA market but in india its operate with the name Good Karma Infotech (from outside it is good karma but from within it works with many more name … it is located in Noida Sector 8 India and Gurgaon India…Some of this company customers in US already has done suicide/some of them became begger. they make customer bankrupt.