New Forum

Hey all

I’ve created a new forum (not exactly for scammer information) located at

You can discuss pretty much anything here. There are sections for discussing scammers if you want.

@thunder#1954 Why have you changed you profile image

@thunder#1954 Can we sign in with our account (You should add this feature!)

@ScamBaiter#1959 The forums are completely separate. So you’ll have to create a new account.

@thunder#1961 Just a suggestion because there will be a lot of users coming from this site.

And for goodness sakes, change your logo (comic sans)

I tried to make a new account (with an email from and it would not work. I do not have a real email and will not use a real one on this site for security reasons. Can you please help?

Still will not work with 10 minute mail

really want to use the fourm though.

I have a plugin to prevent abusive emails such as throwaway emails since lots of spammers use them. I’ll manually activate your account.

Updated Forum URL