New CRA scammer

Just got a call from a new number… pretending to be CRA, and telling me I’m going to jail.


make sure you give them a real fake address in canada as they seem to check that it is a valid address. I just looked up the biggest apartment building in toronto lol.

Also called me back from (800) 959-8281 and texted me from 16132096391

Seems to work well if you give them an address in a big city like toronto as they have you go to the bitcoin ATM.

613-509-1726: Kanata-Stittsville, ON number VoIP number operated by ISP Telecom.

I just got call from the same number with the same thing

These idiots are connecting pranksters together.

613-509-1726: This scam center has a new tactic, when they figure you are a scambaiter they confererence call you to an incoming call. Odd as they miss a chance to scam another person.

Watch out for Punjabi scammer “Ashley Johnson” from New Delhi/Noida.

She will lead you to the BITCOIN ATM. Failing that expect some vulgarity from her. She claims her boy friend is doing the same.

She has used these fake CRA badges CRM4171827 CRM41788176