New CRA scam trend QR code

Too many working parts, I think failure rate would be high…

Phoned a few CRA scam numbers, after speaking to the opener, the higher authority they ask me for the local RCMP number. I don't have it, so they Google what they think is a local RCMP number. Last one was 625 km away at Toronto Airport LOL! They callerID spoof the RCMP number who calls me, "Officer" Nat Shaw (not Constable, Corporal or Sergeant) reluctantly agrees to give me a break. Then passed to the closer.

This is the new trend they will e-mail you a QR code (gave them a throw-away Gmail account) but e-mail never arrived. They said I had to go to a gov't BIT ATM, which is presume is a BitCoin ATM, and the QR contains the transaction and wallet info. A move away from the gift cards.

4 people in the scam; opener, higher authority who pretends to phone the local RCMP, a fake Mountie who calls back spoofing the RCMP callerID, and the closer.