New anti-malware site

I’ve created yet another forum, this time it’s for malware. That means we now have forums for scams, spam, and malware.

If anyone here is interested in combatting malware & would like to be a leader of the site please let me know.


I’m not an expert, but I love learning about malware. I’ll definitely join the forum and will be glad to help out if I can. I’ve worked with malware samples many times, doing basic static and dynamic analysis. I’ve also done a lot of malware related work on customer PC’s with my old computer business.


I started a new thread there on malware analysis training. If you’re interested, please come over and join me.


Somebody come join me over there and let’s talk about malware.


Nice! i am very interested. I would be very interested in this project and would be very interested to be site owner!