New Administrator

Hi all,

Please welcome our newest Administrator, @Lecter !

He is the 2nd Administrator along with me, and will be able to do pretty much anything. :wink:


@Jnteamed#5142 Any reason the link in your signature for hold music is an executable?

@R34P3R#5156 It looks like a 7zip self extracting archive. Still strange though.


@memes#5157 I realized that afterwards lol. But still a strange choice for sharing a file that could’ve easily been uploaded as just audio.

About time Reaps is tha man.

@thereisnothingleft#5166 Thanks mate

@R34P3R#5156 A,

I encourage any downloads anyone do in a VM machine. Second of all, There is 2 Audio files i wanted to share with all. 3, For people who don’t have 7zip, I used a executable instead.

File update successful.

@Jnteamed#5178 You could’ve used google drive and uploaded as a music file. That would of solved it. ?

@scraps210#5182 Then there would be two links.

@Jnteamed#5185 Could use a folder and have the link allow access to the folder on drive.