Netflix rats 007-803-321-2130

Scam Number: 007-803-321-2130
Scammer’s Website or Email: http://наталияпетрова.рф/restartyourmembership/
Additional information about this scam: SMS saying your Netflix account was suspended, has this number at the bottom of the fake page.

SMS Came from [email protected]

SMS Message:


Your Netflix account has been suspended, because we're having some trouble with your current account information.
Recovery your Netflix account immediately by click link bellow: http://xn--80aaahorunoimsf3p.xn--p1ai/restartyourmembership/

Please take action on your account within 48 hours to avoid permanent suspension.

Best regards,
Netflix. Inc‍‍‍‍‍

Still active, just got a text going to the phishing site Default Web Site Page. DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER. It directed me to a legitimate 911 call center.