Netflix/Federal Reserve scammer ARRESTED!

Earlier today, the Gates Police Department in New York arrested 29-year-old Harpeet Singh on charges of attempted grand larceny in the 3rd degree and impersonating an officer to commit a felony at the residence of a potential victim.

  • The victim received an email falsely claiming her Netflix account was expiring, and her call was transferred to a fellow employee posing as a representative of her bank.
  • The victim was asked to empty her bank account and transfer her money to another through Singh, who was labelled as an agent with the Federal Reserve.
  • Police were on the scene when Singh pulled up to the victim’s driveway in a Kia, falsely claiming that he was helping pick up money for a friend in New York City.
  • Singh has since been released with an appearance ticket, though he has been scheduled for an immigration hearing in March of 2025 after being arrested by Border Patrol for illegally crossing the border through Arizona in November, 2023.

…arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol in November…

He was released


You expected anything less?

He will continue to be released because he’s the real victim and all bail is racist

Everyone knows that

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November can not get here fast enough.