Negative item added to public record. Possible scam?

Really strange email with an associated site that is set up oddly.

From: [email protected]
SPF IP: 2a07:6c86:15d8:c81c:aa29:b357:92ab:96e5

Associated URLs have formating like

didn't follow the funky URLS

The site itself is dead? Sends me to an Apache 2 Test page "powered by CentOS" Does not show up when doing a whois lookup. Quite odd

URL is broken, Firefox gives a redirect error



Words in change keep chest

Date creation 2018-08-12

Web age 3 days

Registrant from last whois record
State Panama
Country PA Panama map
Phone +1.6613102107
Fax +1.6613102107
Private no


That work? I think it added in a line break automatically when i posted