[NEED TRANSLATION!] Scammer left his microphone on for over 15 minutes

Some stupid scammer left his microphone on, you can hear everything in the background clearly. Someone who speaks hindi, please translate! These retards tried to syskey, complete scammers.

Download: https://a.pomf.cat/inalnc.mp3
Mirror: https://u.nya.is/tuooww.mp3

Their number: 18772240561

I had a scammer tell me that syskey was microsoft antivirus software that required an employee password.

@FuelDaFlame#6264 Hahaha stupid scammer.

You don’t even have to add the ‘stupid’ part. Scammer is defined as a stupid person who thinks everybody else is dumber than them. @scraps210#6265

The thing can’t be translated for the following reasons:

Error 23 The Audio is too quiet.

type /help for help.


@Jnteamed#6271 Just open it in audacity then


I am trying google (press and hold home on android device).

@memes#6259 That’s not Hindi unfortunately. If I’m not wrong it’s Bengali.

Also, what name were you using?

@1337mathster#6280 Randy Johnson, as always.

Error 25: None of us actually know Hindi, we hate scammer culture, we don’t want to join it.

@FuelDaFlame#6286 I’m Indian dude :slight_smile:

I said Scammer Culture so it wasn’t offensive :slight_smile: @1337mathster#6288

@FuelDaFlame#6289 No offence taken. Hence the smiley.


Hi. I am from Pakistan and I understand Urdu which is basically same as Hindi when spoken. And I assure you that he is mostly speaking in some other language, which is fine as in India there are other languages like Tamil and Telgu. He used Hindi in some places.

At 4:42: very clever you are (or maybe someone is not clear)

8:36: what?

10:20 why? Do it yourself, what billing will do, why you are not doing it? Do it… why you do it (or why it happens with the guy he is talking or why he is used to do that) then starts other language

10:33: Do it . what I am telling you do it…

We dont come here to do (something). You will go away on payment

10:40: take it take it. Easily take it

10:45: dont do acting (something like fake acting)

15:4: the name which i have given you

At the point I think that scumbag Indian scammer got credit card info of some victim and payment is an process.

What I can say that the guy is definitely Hindi speaking but some of that scammer team speakes other language so we hear mix of langs in audio. Any way keep banging those retards.

Good job @Shahbaz200#6298