Need help taking this number offline

Morning all from the UK

This number has been operating for the past 6 weeks on and off and despite me leaving an action fraud report 6 weeks ago they are still operating. Their operation is huge with I believe around 30+ employees

They are pretending to be both Paypal & Amazon. Thy leave text messages for people which change every couple of days

Can one of you with the right experience destroy this operation or give me clear direction on the right person to speak to to report as the police have not done anything


0808 164 5334

@DnBKiwi86#183615 can you tell me their location? so i can report it to the goverment?

@scambuster1234#183618 It is unlikely you will find a proper location for this number, as it is most likely VoIP

@scambuster1234#183618 The only thing I know is that they are in India targeting the UK phishing for amazon log in, PayPal log in and personal bank details. Sadly no specific location for their call centre. This is where one of you more experienced guys can maybe help

@Neooom#183619 i mean if he let them connect to his vm and use wireshark but i will do it later

@scambuster1234#183622 Anything you guys can do will be greatly appreciated. I only use a phone number as my computer skills are terrible so I am limited on what I can do from this end

Have an amazing day everyone

Called them twice spent 30 minutes with them they are very big. Asked me for my card details gave them a fake one so I just shouted abuse at them down the phone lmfao

@ImperialESP#183631 Any time wasting is great, sadly they do not share any direct information that we can use. Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Most Paypal frauds originate from New Delhi Most Amazon frauds originate from Kolkata and New Delhi (#2)

Try to get call back number and we can grabify.
See if you can get audio recording. Most likely I will know the regional accents.

@DnBKiwi86#183615 im working on this one now and the carrier is investigating

@drwat#183660 This is them. I hope it helps