Need help setting up a virtual machine

I got my virtualbox up and running, and I am going to use it to scam bait. I downloaded the Guest Additions so it could be full screen. I don’t want scammers to know this is a virtual machine, so can I delete Guest Additions and would the screen still be fine?

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You can remove Guest Additions and adjust the resolution of the virtual machine manually using the control panel.

Note that scammers also check for virtual machines by going to the device manager and msinfo, to avoid that from happening you can delete these two in the WIndows directory.

Add ing on to what @iCe#10211 said, if they are deleted the scammers might get suspicious.

@iCe#10211 A scammer saw the virtualbox guest additions thing but was too stupid and thought it was some kind of antivirus software

Have a look at this…

There are a bunch of other videos as well that show you how to change what they see in Msinfo32 inside the VBox VM.

They have to type d***ag into the box and they would find out. We might have a scam baiter convention. About the Vms.