Need Expert Scam Hunter!

Hello Scammer Hunters!

I hope you are doing well and health during global Pandemic!

My name is Abu, From Afghanistan!

As our country is only famous for War, and our people are not familiar with technology like westerns countries,

So, our people are still at the absolute beginner step of technologies; Some people are found there scamming thousand of people in a week by different techniques to steal personal data, and important files. So the scammer will black mail them, and says if you not send me that much amount of money ill leak your personal family photos.

From one hand they share bad Photos from there social medias accounts, by other hands if they find personal photos they will black mail the particular person.

Biscally leaking personal family photos are extremely bad and shameful in our country, Even death can be happen easily, So this is why our people need to send them money monthly.

And the most important thing is that, our Government is unable to find these peoples, even don’t have policy for arresting them, like legally thing here because of government is busy in war.

So scammer do whatever they want!

So what do I want?
I want some expert guys to help me to learn scam baiting, Am software Engineer Student and already familiar with these things. But need expert to find scammer for government to arrest them.
ill pay them as my teacher!

Everyday death happen because of leak photos by scammer!
So, Please feel our situations.

contact: [email protected]


Emailing you. What exactly about baiting do you want to know? I could teach you the ropes of baiting and then set you off. Getting info would be more research & OSINT based.


Hello there, Thanks for being interest!
As our country thief scammers are mostly using, Phishing scams, I am sure they are not strong as others countries.
The most important Techniques they use is Offering Internet Data as there is Internet data is very expensive.
They are sharing links in WhatsApp group offering 30gb data, And other scam now days they are promoting scam sites with a Title Update you Messenger.

But some others expert scammer as well.

Basically what i need is that. To found out them from there Facebook and from phishing site, and from Phone numbers and connect there PCs through WAN networks.

Like mostly youtuber do that.


If you have the scam websites then post it here, we'll deal with them