Need an auto redial program for Windows PC

Hello guys! Thank you very much for posting scam phone numbers. I have been calling them 24/7 for the last 2 weeks. I have an app on my android which redials phone number. I just leave my cell phone and program dials scam phone numbers itself.

I would like to ask you all for a favor. Can you suggest a windows program which will redial multiple phone numbers at the same time. I don’t mind to purchase a program. If I find one, then I am going to bother all these scammers 24/7. For example a program dials 50 phone numbers not 1 by 1 but all phone numbers at the same time for 20-30 seconds and then redials again and again. Here is my e-mail [email protected] It’s a Russian e-mail.

I did a research online and could not find anything similar. Please let me know if you guys can help me with that.

Are you dumb American? Think first then reply. When you think make sure you use your brain if you have one.

When scams call you every day and try steal your money. Is it legal? Maybe you suggest to call FTC and file a complaint?

Come on guys I need a program to call them 24/7.