Need a little bit of help

Need a little bit of help with a small block of utter bastards

This little block is just a small snippet of the 676 toll free numbers harboring low intelligence low loves I’ve found active today
Currently my honeypot is delivering dozens more active toll free call back numbers for these idiots who must chase the imaginary victim and give all their numbers to me without a word ever being spoken

There was 712 yesterday and a few had an easy time of things
It’s getting very easy to locate them all but the massive volume is becoming harder to take them all out

300 - 500 a day was very easy, they’re upping their game and so am I.

8663075910 eBay support
8663075947 Amazon Prime video support
8663075953 Amazon Prime video support
8663076005 The price is right rewards ($100 retail rebate voucher) massive shithole, no menu
8663076010 Chime banking support refund
8663076016 PayPal support refund
8663076017 Amazon Prime video support

There are many hundreds more being dealt with brutal extreme prejudice


All still active
we’re taking the massive chime banking place out right now
they answer on 36 lines simultaneously


will lead to vm.

Others currently hanging up after a ring or two. No VM. Will call back again after 9am


A guy answers as some Reward hotline.

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I’m a late arrival. As of 8:30 AM:
866 307-5910- doa
866 307-5947- doa
866 307-5953 doa
866 307-6005 doa
866 307-6010 doa
866 307-6016 doa
866 307-6017 doa

Looks like you guys took the garbage out!