Mysterious Numbers

Was really busy all day yesterday.

This number called first: (425) 616-6049
2 second voicemail, assuming they didn’t click off in time. When I called it, rang once or twice can’t quite remember then sent me to a VM for someone - however it doesn’t show my outgoing call in the logs weirdly.

Second number to call was: (425) 616-3361 Outgoing call shows in my call logs however no answer and same thing they left a 2 second useless voicemail but they themselves on this number don’t seem to have a VM - Just keeps ringing and ringing, although they could’ve hung up much earlier when calling me first and getting to voicemail - they for some reason didn’t.

Can someone maybe help me check those numbers too or something and let me know what they find out?

NOTE: My VoIP number in fact also starts with: (425) 616(-XXXX)


Only info I’ve found so far.