Myphonesupport Script

Who remembers the good ol’ myphonesupport script?

We kindly request you stop making prank calls to this number. Our company, My Phone Support, is a real company - not a scam. We have a call center in India. But we also have hundreds of technicians in Pakistan that come to customer's homes and businesses. We are a Pakistani company. We protect all customers with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. These prank calls are interfering with our business. If you persist, we may have to take legal action or contact law enforcement. If you want to prank real scammers, that is your business. But we are not scammers and our company is not a scam. Thank you for not understanding.

This is crazy bro

@DefeatAllScammers#55461 I copied it to my website.

@SystSupport#55449 Lel Ive heard this sentence like over 10 times each time I call myphonesupport

@SystSupport#55449 If your company is actually in India, why do you say that your company is located in New York?

@atomicdragon136#55688 It’s a script they say when they find out you’re pranking them!