Myphone support scam

@HER#74292 this is how it has to be done… teamwork. They’re probably scrambling- in damage control mode…lol

@Ownsscammers#74297 Excellent home page shows


<title>403 Forbidden</title>



<p>You don’t have permission to access /

on this server.<br />


<p>Additionally, a 403 Forbidden

error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.</p>


II dialed them at 866-982-7276 (Softwill, supportHello, EchosoftInfocomm) and over heard in Hindi;

“I you want promotion, learn Japanese or German language”

Also in monster, India website they have job openings (scam jobs) for persons with fluency in French, Japanese and German". Pay Rupees 35,000 plus bonus per month.

They prefer for Japanese courses this school in New Delhi: Mosai Institute of Japanese Language

New Delhi, India

@drwat#74823 In fact, not just those countries. This is a worldwide operation.


@drwat#74823 They prefer for Japanese courses this school in New Delhi

They prefer Japanese courses because they are targeting Japanese victims more now and it accounts for around 50% of the scammer's "victim" market.

@drwat#74019 listen to this scammer explain how legit he is after I confronted him. 'Scare-Ware' Tech Support Agent Confronted! - YouTube

@johnnytworivers#74876 Seems your YT video is not yet fully published as of now.

It’s still uploading 30 mins, i apologize. The agent took some abuse then explained how legit they were.

They have these addresses for payment and company registration for SupportHello

Scam call center in West Delhi, India

Banking: Poland

UL. Krucza 16/22,

00-526 Warsaw, Poland

corporation registration:
Registered Address
Αγίας Ελένης, 36,
1061, Λευκωσία, Κύπρος

@drwat#74019 These guys are “fit to be tied!” … They are aggressive when asked about the refund process.

The evil Joe Bursky decided to make a fake support site for his victims.

Portal - ConsumerSoft

He also installed a live chat mentioned in this discussion:



valid number, kill it

Showing Busy on FireRTC. lol

OMG, They put me on hold and the on hold music is our national anthem.

just got off the phone with them after 40minutes and they told me they were located in viginia, seattle, and california at the same time. streamed it all they are lying bastards. and I brought up karma and that is when they hung up

@MrBounty#161388 cand you send the link pls?

I sent him a you are an idiot link for the picture of my screen. (It was a grabify.)

ok maybe that number isn’t shut down. When I call them on the numbers I’ve been using to abuse them it tells me the number isn’t available. When I call off a different textnow number it sends me to voicemail. Now they’re calling me as I type this lmao

831 i fooled for a bit then i told him in punjabi that he has extra free time to do scams then i told him he was on a youtube live stream he got scared and hung up now the number doesnt work lol

changed it again these idiots