My work at is finished


Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code - Wikipedia

Section 420 of the indian penal code actually deals with fraud and scams.

Are you going to smoke 420 now

@R34P3R#7302 Sir if you are an admin please help me.

Get some weed and celebrate.

Someone should get the snoopdog gif lol

Yea where is it.

Damn, I need to catch up

Me too, like post smuggling, might happen like Thunder.

My work is done now

It appears some users are confused.

Reaper is not stepping down as admin. It was never even mentioned. Sorry to burst yer bubbles.

It is ok, I’ll just blow some more. @1337mathster#7486. I was confused until I saw the picture.

@FuelDaFlame#7502 I wasn’t referring to you as such.

I know I just really wanted to make that joke.

My job is still on but scambaiting isn’t famous anymore because the scammer are too good because they learn form here.

@Jnteamed#7523 Scambaiting is still pretty popular.

@scraps210#7526 The scammers tell me to take the computer to the local technician and I used a VM, and I tried to stealth my VM and the VM didn’t run.

I hate when scammers do the opposite of what you want @Jnteamed#7534

I will try to have a forum up soon, but ruckus wireless (the admins) block incoming connections.

This thread has lost its original purpose.