My SNVA ventures post got marked as spam?

It’s a verified scamming company because it says its companies like Travomint says it’s out of America when it’s out of Delhi see post for of the address and companies. Also @drwat has been on this website at lot longer than me and is a trusted source, thinks this is a scamming company. Any recommendations?

Has anyone dealt with this before is there any way to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

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I know I might sound a little paranoid but I think it was someone from SNVA who made an account and did this cause it seems to be only the SNVA brand

Being resolved through Direct messages. Hidden posts have been unhidden and we’re working to figure out how this happened. It is likely that someone didn’t want your post online and used the flagging feature to hide your post - This then goes through moderation where moderators can approve the flag (keep it hidden) deny the flag (unhide it) or delete the post.

@Chronus I don’t see any hidden posts in your FlycoAir topic, is it all good now?


yep, it’s back up!

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