My Mother

When I saw a Jim Browning video for the first time a month ago, i set about acquiring everything required to safely mess with these fuckers just like he does. nearly there it’s quite a nice setup :slight_smile:


Mother is old, she can remember the novelty of gaining a normal telephone line that wasn’t shared with 3 neighbours. Having her own phone line was her marker of progress & the one little luxury she managed to keep throughout the austere 1970’s.

i got Mother her 1st PC with the latest 56K modem & a Freeserve disk. She loved it, being almost the first of her peers to have Internet. When she moved to the new granny-shack behind sister’s house one of the rooms was built with a wee desk in the corner for her PC which she used every day.

she became a victim of an indian tech support scam, where a nice man anydesk’d in and purchased Eset Internet Security (proper price $40) for over £600 & installed it for her. That was when the calls started.

Age was already making itself apparent in respect to mental faculties & she had a doorbell button to press when she needed help with phone calls. even with this in place, time & again sister walked in with meals of for a regular check to find her being scammed on the phone. A succession of calls with her bank managed to reverse thousands of pounds in transfers. one time the whole savings account.

now the landline phone is glued in silent setting, sister has power of attorney & without control of anything she stopped bothering with the computer & is miserable about it all.

this is why.

Bummer … absolute bummer