My Mom is freaking out because I am a "scam baiter!" (PLEASE HELP)

My Mom is freaking out because ever since I started scam baiting from her house a few days

later she got a call from Verizon saying that "Your modem has been tapped! There were some

suspicious connections on your network. You could face charges or even imprisonment." I

don't think it is possible to tap a modem. I didn't hear the call and that's all she was willing to

tell me. She blamed it on me for making the prank calls to the scammers. She told me that she

has been getting calls from different numbers (sometimes out of the country according to her)

all the time and it is "my fault." The only information the scammers had about me is my IP

address. And I have recently noticed that my IP address has changed.

I was wondering:

How could someone get my Mom's phone number from only having my IP address? (I never thought it was possible)

Could the call that my mom received be a scam as well?

@HumorousCharles#5081 Was the call really from Verizon? Just to make sure, you can call Verizon and confirm It’s legitimacy. Someone that has your ip can only get a general geographical location. I don’t think they can receive your contact info.

@scraps210#5082 That is what she told me.

@HumorousCharles#5083 It sounds like a typical scam.

@scraps210#5084 Most likely. And it’s probably a huge coincidence.

@HumorousCharles#5081 It is not possible to get any personal information from an IP unless you are the ISP, so if they called claiming your IP was infected, had your phone, and IP it is safe to say that it is your ISP. It could also be an attempt to get you to stop. Respect your mother and her rules, she has cared for you all your life and so long as you live in her house you should honor her requests.

Always use a VPN and do calls from FireRTC or another VOIP service. Sounds like either a coincidence, or a scammer was able to find your information.

Please, Use the library’s computer, A, they have deep freeze, B, restart to restore, C, The IP address is confidential.

@memes#5096 I used FireRTC

Don’t worry, for now.

@R34P3R#5093 I think it was an attempt to get me to stop now that I think about it. Verizon would never say “Your modem has been tapped!” I am pretty sure it is impossible to “tap” a modem.

@HumorousCharles#5101 If they want you to stop that badly, that means you’re doing something right. Use a VPN (outside of the virtual machine - on your host computer) and you should be safe in the future. Even if it’s actually scammers doing this and not just a coincidence, they pretty much only have empty threats.

@memes#5102 Ok. Are there any free vpn’s out there that I can use because I can’t buy one right now.

@HumorousCharles#5103 gives you 500MB of free VPN access per month, and gives you a free 3 hour account number every time you enter a captcha.

Yes, If you have at least 500 Reps, I can give you my vpn. (coming soon)

Oh and if they want you to stop, they have to stop the scam itself.

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@HumorousCharles#5101 No, network infections do exist, but again, if your mother wants you to stop then you should.

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@Jnteamed#5130 No