My guide to scambaiting, (old methods that still work)

So you want to get the starter guide well your in the right place.

Getting a phone number:
so you need to use a phone number to call the scammers and not use your real number so here are some ways using or are a few, bobrtc is free and has multiple numbers so you can keep calling the same number. Textnow allows you to keep the same number so they can call you back and they might call to scam you.

Getting numbers:
You can’t scambait if you dont have their phone number. The best way to get scammer numbers is on Scambaiting Communities. Because when another scambaiter gets a scammer who calls them they post it there. Another way is through pop ups, is where people post popups.

Scammers not picking up:
It might be that its a hindi holiday you can check here , also it depends on the time refer to my chart.
9:00 AM Call campaigns sent out
9:30 AM Call centers open for calls.
5:00 PM Call centers slowing down for the day.
7:00 PM Most call centers are closed besides 24 hour call centers.

Wasting scammers time:
So you need a VM unless your just going to call them. A VM is a virtual machine it basically takes your computer and makes a virtual one. so you need a software to create a VM i suggest your use vmwares free version
Or Virtual Box. Then you need an OS or Operating System most cost money many people don’t know this because it comes with the computer you. There are free operating systems like Linux but scammers don’t know how to use linux and don’t know how to scam it. So i suggest you use the more popular OS like macOS and windows. Gives you 90 day free trial to windows os.
Also use a vpn or Virtual Private Network it make it so scammers can’t get your ip from your vm. You can use a free vpn called windscribe

Fake Info:
You need fake info for your character your acting as so i suggest using it also gives you a disposable email so you can get emails from the scammer by telling them the email of your info that was generated. Or use this site too .

Valid Working Fake Credit Cards:
So I’ve done research and companies and websites use sample credit cards from credit card companies to trigger responses and events in their system to see if there purchase checkout works. so using this site Test card numbers | Simplify Payments for Developers you can use one of the valid cards.
(WORKING) 5506 9242 9580 4792 (VALID) The address associated with the card is 1 Main Street, the ZIP code is 12345, and the CVC code is 123.

How to make your VM look real:
I suggest you use Ninite for it lets you chose multiple applications to download so you can download all the most common applications.

How to make your VM stealthy:
Jim Browing made this video [Tutorial] How to make a stealthy Virtual Machine - YouTube i suggest you watch it

Fake Bank: Northwatch is made by Evanspy and is the best and most popular fake bank.

Scambaiting Tools: has many scambaiting website links and tools i suggest you take a look its also made by Evanspy. Is a site that adds history to your search history on your vm.
Run MailBait Sends you sign ups to email lists to spam you with emails to load your email with junk. Is a free keylogger that logs everything they type and open. Is a gift card list with real giftcards that all have 0 balance when you try to claim them but thats fine because scammers usually look after. It was made by Miss Sunshine

This guide is by Coco, Hopefully this guide is helpful