My funniest scam experience, called on TextNow, 18886064841

So this is my experience scambaiting this number on TextNow. So I called this number a few times, and I didn’t want the first scam which was a 50+ age scam, (and I forgot to turn my call recorder on, sorry) so I did the second one, a roadside assistance/insurance scam. There was a guy that was American that answered (later in the call he said they were in like Virginia Beach or something like that) and I made it seem like I was in San Antonio, Texas, zip code and all. Make sure you have a fake name, spoofed number, and fake address or house if you call this number. For names I recommend something like Sug Ondeez. So I called and they explained the roadside assistance plan and asked him to explain the whole thing a couple of times with stupid excuses for why I wasn’t listening, and this guy didn’t get mad, so they are pretty patient. They will not hesitate to hang up though. So nearing 30 or so minutes and telling him a fake car that I definitely had, he started asking for my name and info. I said it was Sug Ondeez. When he asked for my address, I said (without missing a beat), " SUGGON DEEZ NUTS STOP SCAMMING PEOPLE!" and hung up immediately. My friend was with me and we laughed so hard. The call was about 15 minutes before I posted this. Have fun with this number.