My friend was scammed and we managed to get "it" on grabify

Scam Number:
Domain Used: discord
Extra Info: My friend was scammed by someone out of quite a bit of money and we got a really good hit of them on grabify including a static IP. What should the next thing we do be? Want to try to get him his money back if we can, if not… want to stop them from hurting others, in any way possible

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The first thing everyone should always do is accept they’ve been conned and then report it to the police or relevant authorities.
A huge percentage of people are too ashamed to let anyone know they’ve fallen victim to a scam
There is no shame in it. Use it as a learning experience to never be scammed again.
Statistics are built on reports and with an estimated 50-75% of people not reporting their losses, the problem is artificially hidden in that shame.
Also too many people fall victim multiple times trying to recoup their initial losses.
You have virtually no chance of ever seeing the money returned unless it is through your financial institution if possible.
Report everything to every institution or authority responsible for that jurisdiction or type of crime.
Tell people here what sort of scam it was and any relevant Discord identities or phone details the scammers used.
There are guys here who specialise in Discord fraud schemes.
Revenge is probably not the best option although the thought is warming.
There is no such thing as free or easy money in life.
Best of luck for the future.


Is this Indian or Nigerian scammer?


I know there’s no such thing as free money and all of that. But it was a lot of money, and I’d like to try what I can.

User: tbc
Associated email: tbc

I’ve got a static IP and a couple of Bitcoin wallets if that helps at all.


I’ve been asked to remove while someone works